How are dark circles under the eyes treated?

How are dark circles under the eyes treated?

Blue colored dark circles:

The skin of the eyelids is the thinnest in the body and there is no subcutaneous fat, the orbicularis muscle is attached to the skin.

The problem is not only thinness, the structure of the skin of the eyelids is not the same, the skin of the eyelids is poor in sebaceous glands and therefore extremely prone to dehydration.

The thinness of this skin means that the vessels and orbicularis muscle can be seen with transparency. You should know that we are not all equal in front of the blue circles and they are more or less visible according to the skin characteristics of each person. However, a healthy lifestyle can limit the presence of blue circles.

They need a lot of rest because they know that their eye muscles are constantly working up to 15,000 times a day. If they do not heal enough, the venous network expands, increasing the presence of blue rings.

Food also has a role to play, not really in healing, but mainly in preventing worsening. In fact, if the vessels become too permeable, hemosiderin deposits will build up and worsen the color of the eye area.

Skin care for dark circles


Retinol serums or creams help thicken the dermis and slightly reduce the staining of dark circles caused by the presence of the subcutaneous orbicularis muscle.


Caffeinated serums are interesting for limiting vasodilation, caffeine can provide vasoconstriction to reduce the appearance of veins and reduce edema. Green tea serums tend to improve circulation and have antioxidant properties.

Brown dark circles:

Dark circles are mostly brown , but they can also turn yellow or brown .

They are mainly caused by the accumulation of melanin found in the skin. They are mainly caused by two factors. On the one hand, the thinness of the skin, which, as we have said before, easily reveals the presence of excess melanin in the epidermis.

Causes of dark circles:

Sun :

On the other hand, the rim of the orbit is a particularly UV-exposed area and is therefore more susceptible to hyperpigmentation. So you will understand that it is very important to protect yourself from the sun and, if possible, to use a colored sunscreen with iron oxide to protect yourself from visible light.

Sun protection is the best option in the fight against wrinkles and spots on the face and especially around the eyes.

Other reasons:

However, there are also genetic hyperpigmentations, especially in India or Asia, and knowing whether this hyperpigmentation is genetic or acquired, one way to tell is that the hyperpigmentation will also affect the upper eyelid. Another factor that can cause reactive hyperpigmentation is the rubbing of the eyelids due to irritation. Therefore, it is necessary to look for and avoid the causes of allergies, which can also contribute to the accumulation of lymph in the lower eyelids.

Skin care for “brown” dark circles

Cosmetic treatments often take a long time to achieve results. No miracle cream but of course active ingredients that can reduce them quite effectively.

C vitamin:

A vitamin C serum will have an effect on dark spots and hyperpigmentation by regulating the movement of melanocytes. The downside is that pure vitamin C must be at an Acid PH to be effective, and this can cause irritation in some people. If you can't stand pure vitamin C, you can use a vitamin C derivative that will be much less irritating.


A vitamin A serum or cream and its derivatives will stop the hyper-production of melanin by regulating the activity of melanocytes.

Other interesting assets:

A niacinamide serum or cream is beneficial as it reduces the transfer of melanin from the melanocytes to the skin surface. Vitamin B3 is therefore effective in the treatment of solar hyperpigmentation. Another area of interest of niacinamide is that it increases the presence of ceramides, which are very beneficial for the eye area, which is poor in sebaceous glands.

Interesting active ingredients are also exoliants glycolic acid, lactic acid, PHAs.

Azelaic acid, which also has an effect on hyperpigmentation.

Organic product of natural origin such as Bakuchiol

Do not forget about makeup or makeup, which is always a good option, as the treatment of dark circles is long and often partial.