hyaluronic acid

hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is the perfect plumping, smoothing and moisturizing active ingredient.

It provides so many benefits to the skin that the molecule has become unrivaled.

Hyaluronic acid-based care cream, cosmetics, makeup and even shampoos have many references that contain the star active ingredient. Find out what the anti-aging properties of hyaluronic acid are.

Hyaluronic acid is the basic molecule of cosmetic products that fights wrinkles. Its active ingredient is also used as a filling material in aesthetic medicine. Despite being precisely dosed in a beauty product, the active ingredient is potent. Bethsabée Coutaz, Scientific Director of Dr Pierre Ricaud laboratories, answers questions asked on social networks.

What is hyaluronic acid and what are its effects on our skin?

Hyaluronic acid is a great sugar naturally found in the skin and absorbs 1000 times its weight in water, making the skin appear plump. Like elastin and collagen, which gives elasticity and firmness to the skin, hyaluronic acid is responsible for the plump, plump appearance of babies, the most striking example being the hip appearance. Over the years, the dynamics of hyaluronic acid synthesis slows down and its quality decreases. As a result, the skin loses its density, wrinkles and fine lines appear.

In aesthetic medicine, we inject hyaluronic acid in different molecular weights according to the areas we want to restore volume and benefit from a beautiful smooth skin. That's why we use high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which is very viscous, for example on the cheeks, and low molecular weight, liquid hyaluronic acid, for example, on fine wrinkles under the eyes. In cosmetics, especially in anti-aging care, natural origin high molecular weight hyaluronic acid cannot penetrate deeply as it does, so it only has a smoothing and moisturizing effect on the surface. Therefore, with Livben Hyaluronic acid products, we combine it with other hyaluronic acids of lower molecular weight that can penetrate deeper layers and exert its anti-wrinkle effects by increasing skin hyaluronic acid synthesis.

Is hyaluronic acid suitable for all skin types and especially for sensitive skin and very dry skin?

Hyaluronic acid is suitable for everyone and all skin types, including sensitive ones. This molecule provides hydration and softening while being perfectly tolerated. Even considering that combination and oily skin needs less moisturizing, this is not the case. On the contrary, it is a factor that regulates the state of hyperseborrhea. It is also suitable for dry and sensitive skin. However, in this case, it is recommended to combine the oil phases with hyaluronic acid for greater comfort.

What are the effects of hyaluronic acid? At what age should you use hyaluronic acid cream?

Of course, age is decisive in the appearance of wrinkles, but we must also take into account genetic and environmental factors such as lifestyle and diet, which largely determine the appearance of wrinkles. Therefore, smokers will find their wrinkles become prominent, especially around the lips, or fans of screens chronically exposed to blue light will have an overall duller and more wrinkled skin on the surface. Hyaluronic acid intensely moisturizes the skin and prevents the first wrinkles from forming. For this reason, it is important to start using high molecular weight hyaluronic acid serums or creams at a young age.

Plus, hyaluronic acid is a gem for the skin in terms of comfort! If the hyaluronic acid-based facial care is applied daily, its effects become visible. The skin is more supple, comfortable and fuller. By doing this, the person limits the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging. From the age of 30-35, hyaluronic acid has the role of smoothing and filling wrinkles from the inside. Therefore, it is important to use hyaluronic acid booster molecules such as low molecular weight hyaluronic acid or plant extracts such as galangal flavonoids. In short, we all have a good reason to apply a day cream containing hyaluronic acid.

Stress: its effects on wrinkles and how to fix them

Exposome is all environmental (UV, pollution, blue light) and internal (nutrition, hormones, microbiota, etc.) elements that we are exposed to throughout our lives. This concept has recently been extended to other internal factors such as stress and difficulties associated with busy lives, which can be described as an emotional revelation. It has been shown to significantly affect the body in general and the skin in particular. Indeed, stress significantly produces the production of cortisol, which is known to purify the skin and reduce hyaluronic acid production, leading to accelerated wrinkle formation. Our anti-wrinkle facial treatments containing hyaluronic acid:

A plumping anti-wrinkle care cream: targets all wrinkles, including the deep ones. Its soft texture shows an instant smoothing effect.

Activating Anti-Wrinkle Serum : Light and creamy forIt offers real comfort to the skin thanks to its mulch.

A plump anti-wrinkle eye area: eye care softens crow's feet. It smoothes, plumps and opens up the delicate eye contour area.

What is the difference between collagen therapy and hyaluronic acid cream?

Hyaluronic acid is a sugar polymer that absorbs water and has a 3-dimensional structure. It is the essence of the skin. As for collagen, it is a fiber made to resist shrinkage, so its function is structural. It is like the skeleton of our body. In short, collagen is used to structure the facial skin, and hyaluronic acid is used to plump the skin. The two molecules are complementary.

What is special about Livben Hyaluronic Acid Products and where can it be found?

In Livben Hyaluronic acid products, we use different forms of naturally sourced hyaluronic acid targeting the skin surface, epidermis and dermis. When one of them is combined with silicone, it helps to correct stress-related wrinkles. Likewise, we decided to use high molecular weight and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid:

High molecular weight hyaluronic acid is a major active ingredient. It acts on the surface of the skin. It helps protect the skin from moisture loss. Its plumping effect is ideal for first lines and wrinkles. It brings the touch of freshness found in the moisturizing serum for perfect skin quality.

Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid is a micromolecule. The active ingredient activates the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid: the rebound effect is guaranteed!

Our hyaluronic acid treatment options

Discover our effective anti-aging treatments for wrinkles. You can find an anti-aging serum, smoothing day care, daily care and eye contour products. For best results, apply our beauty products to thoroughly cleansed skin using the make-up remover range.

Hyaluronic acid is essential in an anti-aging skincare routine. Star anti-wrinkle active ingredient moisturizes, smoothes and plumps the skin. Hyaluronic acid reduces signs of skin aging.