Fragrance Selection for Women

Fragrance Selection for Women

If the perfume represents the ideal gift and is generally well-liked, the choice is not so easy.

Indeed, the choices available to you in this area are particularly wide and knowing which fragrance to turn to can be a real headache.

A symbol of femininity, perfume is considered by many women as a very personal signature. Perfume is a product with a very strong evocative power that reflects our personality. Therefore, various parameters are taken into account in the selection of a feminine essence. We've created some guidelines for you to help you see more clearly...

What perfume to choose for a woman by age?

The first important thing to consider when choosing a perfume is the age of the person using it. Indeed, for a young girl you will not choose the same fragrance for a woman in her sixties. His personality is no longer the same and therefore his perfume must match his expectations.

The scent of a teenager or young girl

The age of puberty is considered a true olfactory onset. We usually choose our first perfume at this time in our lives. In general, these young women prefer sharp and gourmet scents rather than fresh and light scents. Sweet scents are especially popular at these ages!

Perfume of a 20 year old woman

At the age of 20, personalities reveal themselves. However, if adolescence and childhood already seem so distant, adulthood has not yet fully settled. The perfume must therefore reveal this paradox and maintain a certain indifference while affirming this woman's new sensuality in the making. Floral scents are generally preferred for their freshness and reminiscent of spring.

The perfume of a 30 year old woman

30 years, time to seduce. Women are looking for scents that can increase their sexual appeal. Mystery and sensuality are features of their personality that assert themselves and should be emphasized. For this, the amber family is especially popular. Spices are very successful in reflecting the enthusiasm and dynamism of the thirties while preserving a very important part of the elegance.

The perfume of a 40 year old woman

It's time to question yourself. Men are not the most, and not only, affected by this minor life crisis. These ages express the need for a change to most people, and this also influences their choice of perfume. Forget the best-selling perfumes and opt for the niche scents of discreet perfumers.

The perfume of a 50 year old woman

50 is the age when you reach the peak of your career. Moreover, the years bring the privilege of getting to know each other better. People in their fifties know what they want and often already have cult perfumes. Essences preferred in the 50s should serve to highlight the elegance and charisma of women, without leaving their seductive side aside. Fruit flavors are particularly preferred.

Perfume of a 60 year old woman

As we approach sixty, it is not unusual to turn to the great perfumery classics. Essences, which we consider outdated, seem to gain full meaning all of a sudden. The nose tends to thin over time. We only rate them at their fair value.

The perfume of a 70 year old woman

70 years is a key moment in our existence that is often synonymous with sharing. This decade is marked by descendants, and then perfume can become an intergenerational transmission. Have you ever smelled a scent that reminds you of an emotion buried deep within your soul? Do not forget that the perfume used by a woman at the age of 70 can be engraved in the memory of those around her forever.

The perfume of an 80 year old woman

Finally, 80 years old is often a time of nostalgia. The perfume acts as a real trace of past time. It evokes a setting, an emotion, a person, or a precise moment of our being. It takes us back to a past happiness and becomes a kind of comforting cocoon. Then it is an intimate part of the personality of the woman who prefers it.

What kind of perfumes for a natural woman?

If you are a natural person, we recommend that you turn to floral, spicy or fruity notes. Nature is your ally! Choose only transparent and airy essences that will amplify your originality and freshness.

What kind of perfumes for a smart woman?

Especially if you're smart, why not evoke questioning and mystery with your perfume? To alert those around you, turn to niche essences that often use unconventional ingredients.

What kind of perfumes for a mysterious woman?

To emphasize your mysterious and seductive side, you will have to play on the disturbing senses. For this, amber perfumes will be your ally. Often powdery, animalistic and vanilla scents encourage people to get closer to you and want to know more about you.

What kind of perfumes for a dreamer?

Are you someone with your head in the clouds? In this case, give preference to perfumes in your image that are somewhat dreamy and embedded in a poetic register. Enjoy floral and airy fruit flavorsChoose scents that arouse desire and arouse imagination.

What kind of perfumes for a business woman?

Above all, if you are a career lover, your perfume should serve your purpose and highlight your natural charisma. You know what you want and your determination should be felt in every step you take. Why not try a perfume belonging to the leather family? It remains very feminine and seductive while maintaining a very professional sophistication.

What kind of perfumes for a joker?

Are you always ready to answer and mischievously to make those around you laugh? Your spontaneity and joy of life should be noticed in your perfume. Prefer cheerful and fun scents that are synonymous with the joy of life. You are a woman who enjoys life to the fullest, and this goes through a mischievous perfume. Gourmet fruit flavors can make you happy.