What is the serum used for?

What is the serum used for?

The serum provides everything the skin needs by increasing the effectiveness of the treatment to be applied later.

If only day cream is enough, not all needs can be met. The same thing with night cream, even if the latter works better, during sleep, at a time when the epidermis is working the most.

  However, we should not forget that these beauty moves are never worth a real treatment of the skin as a whole, which consists of a scrub, eye contour, serum and cream.

A true concentrate of active ingredients, the serum is a global treatment that prepares your facial skin to receive and strengthen the effect of your other cosmetic treatments. It is a complementary treatment, a kind of "lining layer" that will increase adhesion and complement the effectiveness of the main treatment. In fact, serum formulations contain less water than creams and, conversely, are richer in active ingredients.

The serum is used daily, but can also be applied to correct occasional imperfections (redness, acne, etc.).

From what age is the serum used?

There is no real age to start applying serum to the face. But it is necessary to choose a serum adapted to the needs of your skin.

Between the ages of 20 and 30, the main purpose is moisturizing and protection from the harmful effects of free radicals, which are the source of premature skin aging. You can also opt for more targeted serums for imperfect skin, such as Livben serums. Composed of natural active ingredients, these serums rebalance the skin and remove imperfections such as minor pimples, irritations, blackheads, excess sebum within 48 hours and without drying the skin or leaving red marks.

What are the different types of serums?

Anti-aging and anti-blackhead serums now include serums for fragile skin, imperfect skin and even dehydrated skin. There are also serums specially formulated to meet the highly targeted needs of specific areas of the face. Anti-dark circle care, anti-puffiness serums, etc.

Does my serum need to be adjusted for my skin type?

Yes. Just like your day and night care, your face serum should suit your skin type and needs.

At 20, the skin glows with health, but can sometimes show a little too much sebum. Therefore, it is important not to overload it too much.

At the age of 30, sometimes the skin loses its shine and the first signs of skin aging may begin to appear. You can switch to our products that restore vitality to the skin that has become dull due to pollution, lack of sun or stress.

As with your other skin care products, it is not necessary to use the same brand of serum, but it is preferable to use skin care products that are compatible with each other. At Livben, our serums are designed to be combined with our moisturizers to customize your routine to your skin's needs.

Which face serum to choose from 40 years old?

After the age of 40, wrinkles and fine lines begin to appear, and it's not uncommon for several dark spots to appear at once. Check out our serums designed for skin that needs a good vitamin C cure. In parallel, it is highly recommended to use daily sun protection (at least SPF 30) as the sun is the first factor.

Which face serum to choose after 50?

Mature skin needs the highest level of care as its nutritional needs increase... It's time to choose a global anti-aging face serum that can boost your collagen production and tighten your epidermis.

How to use face serum?

The face serum is applied to pre-cleaned and make-up-free skin. You can use your serum morning and evening according to your needs. Prepared in this way, your skin will be ready to receive the different treatments that make up your routine. If you prefer to apply your face serum only once a day, especially if it is an anti-aging serum, opt for it in the evening because cell renewal takes place while we sleep.

Gesture is very important to strengthen the effect of your face serum. Start by taking 2 to 3 drops of the serum you will warm in the palm of your hand. Then smooth out from the center of the face to allow your application to penetrate. Insist on areas with special needs (wrinkles, fine lines, pimples, etc.) by applying light pressure. After waiting a few minutes, apply your day or night care.