Antiperspirant Spray

Antiperspirant Spray

Deodorant, roll-on or antiperspirant spray may seem the same at first glance.

But they actually have completely different functions and slightly different ways to implement them properly.

Deodorants work to combat body odor that occurs when sweat mixes with bacteria found on the skin. On the other hand, antiperspirant products aim to directly block the sweat glands and are recommended for people who have sweating problems. Most antiperspirants also provide odor protection.

How Long to Apply Antiperspirant Spray

The use of antiperspirant spray should not be overdone. In fact, you only need a thin layer of antiperspirant to get the full effect. Simply apply a thin layer of antiperspirant spray to dry the underarms completely. You can use it after you make sure your armpits are 100% dry after showering.

When to Apply Antiperspirant?

Apply your antiperspirant at night. It takes time for the antiperspirant to take effect. When you apply it in the morning, you start to sweat before it starts to take effect, and this will remove the sweat.

If you apply the antiperspirant spray before going to bed at night:

While you sleep, you allow the antiperspirant to take hold.

If you do not suffer from night sweats, the sweat glands are less active at night, which will prevent the effect of the antiperspirant from diminishing. Livben antiperspirant spray is designed to stay active for 24 hours. Applying antiperspirant before going to bed at night will reduce sweating throughout the next day.

You can also add another thin layer of antiperspirant when you wake up and let it dry before getting dressed.

Application of Spray Antiperspirant

Shake the can before applying the antiperspirant spray. Hold the can 15 cm from your armpit to get the right application. Spraying the antiperspirant spray once or twice will suffice.